Friday, 12 August 2011

Recap Days 13 and 14

Apparently I should make sure to write these updates every day, regardless of how sleepy I am, as I've pretty much forgotten what happened yesterday.

That's partly because nothing much out of the ordinary happened. Most of the day was spent riding through relatively thick forrests (what I as a kid used to call troll forrests) which is getting more and more common now that we're north of Stockholm.

Speaking of being north of Stockholm, it's interesting to me how some of the things I've always "known" about Sweden are being challenged on this trip. For example, to me it's common knowledge that the south of Sweden is very flat (think Kansas or Saskachewan) and that once you get north of Stockholm things get more hilly.

This turns out to not entirely be the case. Sure there some pretty flat, wide open vistas in the south but so far it's been our experience that there's also been far more little hills, many with pretty steep inclines, dotting the landscape. I think the near total lack of large woods has helped in creating the impression that the south is so flat.

Also, so far the north have not lived up to its reputation as being hilly (partly because we're in the northeast and no northwest) and while it, too, isn't super flat its hills are much more gradual, with long inclines and declines, which is much to prefer when travelling by bike.

Anyway, after riding through the woods for most of the day yesterday, we ended up renting a cabin located in some guy's backyard. We saw his listing in Cykelfrämjandet's catalogue of lodgings along the trail and weren't sure what to expect as it was listed merely as "cabin" where others had the names of their establishment. When we arrived at a house with an unassuming handpainted sign out front that also simply said "cabin," I admit I felt it was a bit sketchy... But it was a very nice backyard cabin with a bathroom, kitchen, TV and a shower in a separate little building. And at a reasonable 400 kronor to boot.

In the morning we set off for Söderhamn, where se vad planned to meet up with my mom and grandma. Unfortunately we'd only gotten a little over halfway when yet another spoke died on me. Luckily my mom wasn't far away so she came and picked us up and took us to a local bike shop. I decided that things were getting ridiculous and asked to have all spokes replaced, in order to weed out any that are still weakened by the mishap of last week. The repair guy didn't have time for that, but he let me watch him do the work and explained the steps to me, and afterwards I bought a bunch of spare spokes and the tools necessary to do the job myself.

After all this we spent the evening hanging out with my mom and grandmother.

Yesterday we went 87 km and today 40 km, for a running total of 1035 km.

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