Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 26 Recap

So, that's it. We're in Luleå and the biking part of this trip is over.

After sleeping as long as we wanted, which ended up being for 11 hours, we rode the short way from the campground to our hotel in downtown Luleå and as luck would have it our room was ready and we could check in a few hours early.

The rest of the day was spent checking out the town, getting a couple of bike boxes (from, whom we'd contacted a few weeks back) as well as going to see "Cowboys and Aliens," which was decent, although it did have a few WTF moments story-wise.

All told, we rode 1933 km on this trip. I don't think we'll post to the blog again until we're back home, but there may be some Twitter updates and/or pictures uploaded.

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