Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 23 Recap

Today started out slow for both of us. We didn't want to get out of bed in the morning, and we were dragging ourselves around packing - but once we hit the road we made pretty good time till about 11:30 when Kenneth broke a spoke so we had to stop and do a roadside repair. It went pretty smoothly now that we're getting to be experts at spoke repair and replacement, and were back on the road within about an hour after stopping for the spoke replacement.

After that we found a small picnic area with a sandy beach where we had our lunch. It was really picturesque but a bit chilly. The wind was at our backs all day which made us ride more quickly than usual. We arrived in Bureå earlier than we expected where we went to visit my friend Beverly. She had baked a delicious cake and we had a great time visiting and getting to know her family. Once we left Bureå, we followed the road to the next town which was Skellefteå and arrived at our hotel at about six o'clock having done a total of 80 km for the day, and a total of 1762 for the trip so far.

Only three more days of biking till we reach our final destination! It actually feels kind of weird to be so close to the end.

Location:Norra Järnvägsgatan,Skellefteå,Sweden

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