Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 22 Recap

When we left Umeå this morning the skies looked pretty ominous and gray, but claimed it wouldn't rain. For the vast majority of the day that held true, but the skies opened up when we had about 15 km left, which was maybe 15 minutes after we had decided it probably wouldn't rain and that we should go for Ånäset instead of staying in Robertsfors. D'oh!

No biggie though, we arrived at the campground rather wet, but a shower and change later and all was well. And after a tasty dinner in the on-site restaurant, things are now even better.

The day itself was relatively unremarkable, a bit more gravel than we'd have liked but most of it was hard packed and that's not too bad.

I did get to play undercover Canadian in the grocery store, that was oddly fun. A while back a Swedish guy approached us and spoke English, presumably because he heard us speak English to each other, and I responded in Swedish. Afterwards Sue asked that if that happened again I simply respond in English so she could better join in the conversation. Her Swedish is pretty decent, especially for someone who've never studied the language, but when two Swedes start going a mile a minute she sometimes find it hard to follow along or join in.

Anyway, some guy ahead of us in line started asking questions about us and our trip and I never let on that I was Swedish. When he heard we were from Toronto he started talking about Mats Sundin and Borje Salming (two Swedish hockey players who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs) and he seemed real pleased that I knew who Salming was, even though it's been nearly four decades after his draft. I don't very much at all about Hockey, but pretty much every Swede know Salming, he's basically a national icon.

So, yeah, undercover Canadian, that's me.

93 km today.

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