Saturday, 20 August 2011

Day 21 Recap

We rose early yet again and set off for Umeå (aka Birch City) at 7:50. By lunch-ish we'd reached Hörnefors, a small town about 30 km biking distance from Umeå, which happened to have "Hörnefors Day" and a small street fair was taking place. We stopped for a snack (Swedish hot dogs are amazing) and a tiny bit of shopping, Sue got a couple of balls of sock yarn, before moving on.

We reached Umeå at 14:30 and hung out at the hostel for a bit before heading out on town. After a birthday dinner and a movie ("Bridesmaids" - pretty funny if you like Apatow-style adult humour) we're now back at the hostel and heading to bed.

65 km today. 1589 km total.


  1. Happy birthday Sue!

    Finally updated on your adventure must say pretty impressive. See if you can bring a runestone back for me (just kidding).

    Anyway happy trails


  2. I have been thinking about you guys the whole trip...especially on Sue's birthday. I hope it was a fun day.

    I also saw Bridesmaids. It was a love/hate thing for me. I thought it was great and I laughed my head off...but I also was horrified at a few scenes. Mortified. Sickened. It was a real "wringer". I actually NEEDED a drink when it was all over.

    Anyhow, continue to have a great time. And yet, hurry home because I miss you.