Friday, 19 August 2011

Day 20 Recap

We set out from Örnsköldsvik bright and early this morning under a cloudless sky. We'd eaten some of our packed food for breakfast (as opposed to buying the breakfast buffé) and rode off without thinking about the food stores much. Minor mistake.

When, after 50 km or so, we still hadn't seen a single grocery store, café, restaurant or gatukök, we figured we had to eat what we had. A few slices of crispbread and some digestive cookies later we set off still a bit hungry, but we figured we'd keep the rest of the food in case it had to do us until dinner.

After a few Ks we entered a small town with a grocery store, yay, but it was out of business, woe. Then, in the next little hamlet, we found a café, but they had begun operating under autumn hours and were only open on weekends. And then, in yet another small town we found a restaurant, but it was closed for the season.

By now we were only about 5 km from the campground in Nordmaling where we're staying tonight, so we simply trudged on until we got there. We had hoped to perhaps continue another 20 km today, but without adequate fuel we moved a fair bit slower in the afternoon than we did this morning.

In the end we did 85 km today and made up for when we stopped short yesterday. Still on schedule to reach Luleå on time (I noticed today that you can actually see it there in the "Where are we now?" map) and we still have one more rest day to use at some point.

Oh, I uploaded some photos today. Per usual, you can click on any one of the images in the sidebar to be taken to the photo album of all the pictures we've uploaded.

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  1. You've made it to Västerbotten! Welcome! :D

    Bummer that you had to survive on such light rations -- hope you got a big dinner in Nordmaling!