Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 19 Recap

This morning we left a campground near Docksta and are now in Örnsköldsvik. Originally we planned to go a bit further, up to Husum, but by the time we reached this mid-sized town we felt we'd had enough for the day.

The riding conditions today were pretty decent. In the morning it looked like it might rain, but instead the sun broke through the cloud cover a couple of hours into the ride.

Not much happened on the ride today. The most noteworthy thing was a 1 km uphill climb on a gravel road, which was only one of the many climbs on the very same gravel road which was 10 km in lenght altogether. Come to think of it that may have something to do with why we ended up a little short of our original goal.

We spent the evening relaxing in a hostel (no campgrounds in Örnsköldsvik,) reading books and surfing the web using their free wi-fi.

The total for the day was 55 km, which I believe brings us into the 1430 range.

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