Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 18 Recap

Today was a fantastic day. Possibly the most enjoyable day of the tour so far. Sunny with a tailwind, beautiful vistas throughout and except for all the hills you could say it was a perfect cycling day. Although we loved all those downhills (got up tp 50 kph on one), so maybe the uphills was a good thing after all.

We crossed the 1.8 km long Höga Kusten bridge - which you can see in the background of the picture attached below. They had the right hand lanes closed for construction, but open for cyclists, so we got to ride across with two whole lanes just for us. The cars only had one lane each direction, so we felt quite privileged.

We forgot to mention the guy we met the other day - let's call him Fred. We had been riding down a fairly big highway when the shoulders basically disappeared. We had pulled off the road into a bus stop to debate if we should continue or take the bus to be safe, when up rides this 50 year old dude, wearing no shirt or helmet, riding a granny bike, and turns out onto the highway. We stopped him to ask for advice and learned that he rides that way once a week. So we decided, if he can do it topless, lightless, helmetless - surely we can do it with our flashing taillights and fluorescent yellow vest. It hopefully goes without saying that we also weren't topless.

80 km today.

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