Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 17 Recap (also some rest day stuff)

Yesterday was a rest day and we spent it in Sundsvall, a very nice and "mysig" town with a mixture of big city and small town feel.

Due to the previous day's tire/spoke debacle, as well as all my spoke troubles since day 5 or 6 or whatever it was, I decided to bring my bike in to Cykel-Nisse (cykelnisse.nu) and get the entire rear wheel rebuilt - which basically entails replacing all the spokes and truing the wheel from scratch - as well as get a new puncture resistant tire.

I had been recommended Cykel-Nisse from a local we'd spoken to at a rest stop the previous day, and when I arrived at his shop I was amazed to discover that I'd already met Nisse the previous day, at that very same rest stop I had gotten the recommendation to go see him. We were both equally surprised and amused by the coincidence.

Anyway, Nisse did a great job and at an amazing price, 600 kr/$100. The tire and spokes alone would've cost that back home, never mind the labour.

The rest of the day. We spent checking out the local museum, cooking a nice taco dinner, and relaxing in our cabin.

Then, this morning we set off for Härnösand under cloudy skies and it didn't take long for the first bit of rain to pay us a visit. Luckily, most of the day it was just spitting, with a few small showers thrown in for good measure. Towards the very end of the day, about 7 km from town, the skies did open up quite a lot, but we took shelter in a farmer's barn for the 10-15 minutes it took to get back to spitting.

The day itself was pretty drab. When you're biking a whole day in bad weather you tend to spend most of it just trudging on. It didn't help that Cykelframjandet dropped the ball on their signage, and totally missed that a road had been rerouted, which caused an unnecessary detour of 10 km. It could've been much worse, but we got suspicious when we hadn't seen a sign for a while, so we asked a local and he explained where we were and where we needed to go to get back on track.

After 83 km we rolled into town a little wetter than we'd have liked, but glad for tomorrow's forecast that calls for sun. In total we've gone 1307 km.

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  1. Wow, sure seems like you two are making good time! Hope the nice(r) weather holds for a while!