Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 12 Recap

Today was windy, wet and miserable. So much so that we threw in the towel after only 50 km and ended our day around 3 pm. We checked into a pretty cozy little hostel in Lövstabruk and after drying ourselves off and hanging all our clothes up to dry, spent the afternoon and evening reading and watching TV.

The day didn't start very well either, with Sue having to fix a flat tire (first of the trip) before we even left the campground in Hargshamn. After that things were allright for a few hours, we saw anothdr rune stone before the first rain hit, and had a bit of a break in the rain around lunch time so we got to eat in peace, but then the downpour began in earnest.

After having sought temporary shelter in two bus stops along the way we decided it didn't look like the rain was gonna let up any time soon, so we consulted the map and GPS and decided to make a run for it to the hostel. It didn't stop pouring until about 8 pm, so I'm glad we did.

The weather people say it'll be better tomorrow. Crossing fingers and holding thumbs that they're right.

Today's 50 km brings the total to 910.

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