Friday, 5 August 2011

9th Day Recap

Thinking about today's ride I can pretty much only recall hill climbs, gravel roads and headwinds. Kilometre wise it was fairly standard (78) but we're about as beat as we've been on the tour so far.

We decided to treat ourselves to real beds and rented a cabin, which also meant the possobility to properly cook our own food. We opted for fishballs in a dill sauce, with boiled potatoes, and a side salad of lettuce and tomatoes. Very tasty.

Sightseeing wise there wasn't much. The trail took us past the beginning of Göta Kanal, which probably means something to the Swedes reading this and nothing for the rest of you. It's basically a boating channel from the east coast to the wesf coast. Wiki it if you're curious enough to want more. :-)

On the wildlife front we saw tons of jackrabbits in an industrial area. Kinda odd, and they seemed semi-tame as they didn't take off in a huge hurry like most wild animals and indeed other jackrabbits we've seen on the trip. We also saw a male and a female deer bounding along a field and eventually into the woods. I don't think they were fleeing from us, they seemed a little too leisurely for that.

Anyway, we're in Nyköping now, about to turn out the lights so we can get an early start tomorrow. 78 km today, for a total of 684.

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