Thursday, 4 August 2011

8th Day Recap

This morning we set out from Gamleby campground with the wind at our backs and the sun shining down from a cloudless sky. Gorgeous biking weather, or weather of any kind really.

Yesterday's misadventures brought us off the Cykelspåret trail we were following, so our first task was getting back on the trail. This took us most of the day, but we were going north the whole time and basically paralelling the trail, and in the end I think we basically ended up taking a small shortcut compared to the real trail. I think my favourite part of this escapade was a local bike trail that took us through the woods, down a ravine of sorts with ferns and other vegetation poking out into the trail. Picturesque bushwhacking by bike.

We also stopped at a church ruin from 1700-something but couldn't go inside because the walls were in danger of caving in.

Right now we're in a campground in Söderköping. Distance travelled today clocks in at 98 km, for a total of 604 km, I think... I may be misremembering the overall total. Bike computer's not nearby.

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