Wednesday, 3 August 2011

7th Day Recap

So... different kind of day today.

I have a quick release lever on my saddle post, and to dissuade theft I have a thin plastic coated metal wire permanently attached to it, and whenever I lock the bike up somewhere I attach the free end (which has a loop on it) to the lock.

Well... this morning when we led our bikes away from the spot where our tent had been, that cable was dangling down the side of my bike. Before I realized what was going on, it had snaked itself into the wheel and the chain rings, taking out four spokes as it did so.

I wasn't pleased. Sue took it better than I did, but naturally wasn't jumping for joy either. What made things worse was that I only had two spare spokes of the kind that got destroyed.

Having stopped in the middle of nowhere the previous day, there wasn't a bike repair shop for miles, so our first problem was to find out where there was one and then how to get the bikes there.

After some asking around and Google and searching, we found one in Västervik, maybe 40 km away. We determined that a bus was leaving in two hours from a bus stop 3 km away, but no one could tell us whether they'd for sure accept bikes.

Figuring this was still a decent lead, we walked our bikes to the stop. After a while the bus showed up, and to our great relief not only did they accept bikes but the bus driver was very friendly and even got out to help us load them.

Once in Västervik we set out for the bike mechanic, which was another long-ish hike, only to discover that they were closed for vacation - a pretty common sight during the summer months. We weren't entirely surprised as we'd called ahead and not received an answer, but as this was around noon we thought maybe they were closed for lunch, another common thing around here.

Anyhow, not to be deterred we called a few other bike stores in the surrounding area, and eventually we found one in a town called Gamleby, maybe 20 km away.

A two hour wait and another bus ride later I was finally able to get my bike looked at by what must be one of the world's surliest bike mechanics. I didn't mind too much, I was just happy to have my bike fixed, but I could've done without the colour commentary... "your spokes aren't of very high quality, but then again this isn't a world-class bike, is it?"

Humpf. That's my baby you're talking about mister.

Anyway, after another couple of hours' wait my bike was fixed, and I had changed my quick release lever for a regular ole hex screw release.

By the time all this was accomplished it was too late to set out, so we headed for Gamleby campground which is where I'm writing this.

In the Flickr feed there's a picture of Sue at one of the day's bus stops.

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  1. ugh! that's bad luck! And it seems like having the wheel professionally respoked was probably the best thing for you to get done, even if you did have to take all those buses! Glad you got it fixed, and got a rest day in!