Tuesday, 2 August 2011

6th Day Recap

Another gorgeous day with nary a cloud in sight.

After these past few sunny days we've started developing some odd tans. I'm primarily wearing long sleeved thin shirts, so my hands are brown but my arms are white. My forehead has a faint zebra pattern, due to my helmet's air vents.

Thanks to her fingerless gloves, Sue has tan fingers and white hands.

Today we made a number of stops in the morning. First at the ruins of an old monastery. Basically, what was left were all the walls up to about 5 metres, but no ceiling and not much of a floor. It was still pretty neat to see and imagine what it must've been like.

I also like the fact that it was just sitting there next to the road, with parking and bathroom facilities nearby, all accessible without paying any fees. They even had a chest with handouts and a game of Kubb (look it up, it's fun - I've got a set if you wanna come over and play sometime. Thanks Malin and Tommy!) one could borrow and play. Awesome.

Later we saw a sign pointing us to some bronze age graves, which were basically just large stone piles. Still pretty interesting, and there were informative plaques to fill us in on some historical details about the customs and the area.

I also found a weirdly human looking bone on the field were these graves were. I'm sure it's just from some animal's that's died there, but kinda odd nonetheless. See Flickr feed for pics of both graves and bone.

After these two educational stops we made a couple of practical ones: for groceries and a bike tube. :) We've had no flats yet, but Sue only had one spare and wanred to be on the safe side.

We're now in our sleeping bags in Blankaholm campground. Nearest larger town is Västervik. We went 90 km today, for a total of 508 km.

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