Monday, 1 August 2011

5th Day Recap

The most exciting thing to happen today was that there were no exciting things worth stopping for, so we biked a fair bit more than usual. In fact, both of us broke our personal best. The total for the day is 112 km, which puts the total distance travelled at 418 km.

For me, the day began when I woke up at 04:45 and decided to do some laundry. The side effect of packing light is that you have to wash your clothes often, in our case every two days, three if we're really pushing it.

Anyway, rising early and getting a few chores out of the way allowed for a reasonably early start and by lunch we'd already covered 50 km.

At that rate one would think we'd have been able to be even more productive, but a few mishaps and rest breaks reduced our average speed a bit.

What mishaps you ask? Well, the first one involved me trying to hook on an escaping front bag without stopping, which naturally resulted in it falling off the bike altogether and its strap breaking off. Some duct tape and a zip tie later we were back in business.

The second mishap involved my rack. One of the screws on the back had decided it no longer wanted to play, and kept unscrewing itself. Tape again to the rescue and crisis averted.

We're now in Timmernabben campground, listening to a bunch of very upset sounding ducks, as well as bland Swedish "dansband" music. Maybe the ducks aren't fans of Christer Sjögren...

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