Tuesday, 9 August 2011

11th (tour) Day Recap

After two rest days, one in Värmdö outside Stockholm where my brother lives and one in Norrtälje where my dad has a place he stays in when in Sweden, we're back on the road again.

Tour wise, the only development during the break was that I got my broken spokes from day 10 replaced, and Sue got her brakes fixed once and for all. Aside from getting them properly adjusted, they also installed new brake cables and new brake pads. We're lucky I have a salesman brother good at sweet talking other sales men, or I don't think they would've fit us in on such short notice.

This morning we set out from Norrtälje glad to be back on the road, but Sue soon realized that her bell was missing (we suspect the Stockholm bike shop must've removed it and forgot to put it back) and so we hit a bike shop on the way out of town.

After that quick pitstop we pretty much rode straight through to lunch, as there were no touristy sites to see and nothing else prompted a stop, and the same goes for the afternoon ride.

Tonight we're staying in a campground in a small town called Hargshamn. As I tweeted, we got here pretty early in the day and decided to stay rather than press on another bunch of kms. It's been nice to have some time to just relax and enjoy the evening, instead of throwing the tent up and heading straight to bed.

In the end we rode 74 kms for a total of... something I can't remember at the moment.

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