Sunday, 7 August 2011

10th Day Recap

We're in Stockholm now, staying at my brother's and will have a rest day tomorrow. We'll still post an update or two, I'll see about coercing Sue to post something. :)

Today's ride went very well. A tiny bit of rain in the morning, but nothing major, and the rest of the day was nice and somewhat cool, and with a tailwind for most of it.

We saw a few by-the-side-of-the-road rune carvings (pics later) as well as visited the Swedish "end of the world," Trosa. Which, incidentally, means panties.

The only bad news is that towards the end of the day I noticed that my bike felt a little wobbly, but we pressed on anyway until we met up with my brother. That may have been a bad move, as it turns out another spoke had broken. I'm assuming it was one that didn't fully break a few days ago, and am crossing my fingers it's not going to be a regular thing. Since we have a rest day tomorrow anyway, this particular instance isn't so bad, but I'd prefer not to have another day of bus rides and attempts at tracking down an open bike shop.

Total kms covered today was 102, which puts our overall total at 786.

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