Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 2 Recap

Day two also ended in pruney fingers and feet, but we're dry now as we lay inside our sleeping bags listening to the pitter patter of raindrops on the outside of our tent.

We're at Valja campground, just outside of Sölvesborg. We had hoped to get a bit further, but the world scout jamboree in Rinkaby (note to Sweded, that's with an A) was right in the middle of our intended route, so we had to go an unplanned 10 km to get around them. The total for today ended up being 80 km.

Noteworthy things seen today:
- a huge hedgehog (which I nearly ran over, glad I didn't)
- a huge grave for a king (aka a big pile of boulders)
- a bike mechanic (who fixed our still troublesome brakes)

I'm writing this on borrowed time, got a critical battery warning before I even started writing, so I'll put an end to it now. G'night.

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