Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Arrived in Ystad

We're here. With stop overs and waiting for the train it took a good 21 hours to get here.

Bikes arrived safe and sound. We've put them together and gone on a short test ride from the train station to the hotel.

We also did a quickie walking tour of the town. Picturesque. For the Swedes, think Norrtalje, but people talk different.

Tired now. Sleep.


  1. Välkommen till Sverige! :)

    We just watched an episode of "Wallander" with Kenneth Branagh, and there were some nice shots of Ystad.

  2. Not enough info! Want more. With photos, even! Glad you made it there okay, and happy to hear about your next adventures. Must be so exciting to be there! Also, how do you say Ystad?

  3. Då är ni på väg, spännande och lycka till

    Pappa, Solan och Sessan