Sunday, 31 July 2011

4th Day Recap

The weather today was great. Overcast in the morning, a tiny bit of rain around lunch and by mid afternoon there was plenty of blue sky and sun.

This, together with leaving reasonably early, meant the best day of the tour so far. When it's pouring out we're not very inclined to stop biking and enjoy the sights or take pictures or seek out attractions, but today we did a fair bit of all that. I'll post some of those picture later, right now my connection speed is woefully slow, for some reason I can't get 3G here in Kristianopel campground.

The start of the day I suppose could've gone better, as we ended up going a total of 8 km out of our way due to a navigation error by yours truly, but all things considered that's not too big of a deal.

Those of you who read the Twitter feed will know we saw some rune stones. What you may not know was that they contained dire warnings about "dying treacherous deaths" and other similar consequences for anyone who dared desecrate the stone. We're hoping taking its picture doesn't count as desecration.

Maybe the sheep I posted a picture of earlier today desecrated the stone...

We went 87 km today, which brings our overall total to 306 km, or a bit over 30 mil as it's called here.

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