Saturday, 30 July 2011

3rd Day Recap

The day began with yet more heavy rain as we sat out from Valje camping, but soon (as in, within one km) the rain stopped and remained mostly stopped for the rest of the day. Once an hour or so it would be spitting for a bit, and we had a couple of short downpours, but nothinh like the last two days of monsoon season.

Oh, and the braking problems with Sue's bike continue to plague us, although after consulting Bike Repair for Dummies and attacking the problem with a Leatherman and a bike repair multitool, I believe we may have solved it for now. We left a battlefield strewn with frayed cables and chewed up barrels behind us however, so when we hit Stockholm for some rest it may be time for a proper overhaul by a bike mechanic.

Now, what about the day? There's actually not a whole lot to report. We've seen lots of rolling hills, farmer's fields, cows, sheep, red barns with white corners... basically quintessential Swedish countryside, broken up here and there by small little towns and villages of varying levels of picturesqueness.

We followed the coast the whole day, so there were also a couple of small marinas and a few kids cliff jumping.

Towards the end of the day we decided to make a go of it and head for Ronneby instead of stopping at one of the suggested Cykelsparet resting places, but when we phoned ahead it turned out the Ronneby vandrarhem was out of room, and we had pretty much ran out of gas (what with all the rolling hills) as we were getting close to town...

So, what to do? We had started keeping our eyes peeled for some place were we could stealth camp when we saw a sign for this very lovely looking Bed & Breakfast called Risanäs Gård (

Feeling very happy with our find I walked up the driveway and rang the doorbell, only to at first find out the owner, Meta, was away and they weren't accepting guests. After speaking with Lolo about what other options she might suggest, and perhaps her noticing how disheveled we looked after the day's ride, she took pity on us and made special arrangements for us to stay, and also went out of her way to make us feel welcome.

So, I'm happy to report there's still people out there willing to go the extra mile even when helping out a total stranger.

Sleep is beckoning.


  1. glad you got some good sleep, and that people are taking care of you! Wishing you more good sleeps, fixed brakes and tailwinds (oh, and less rain!).

  2. Ja, inte vet jag om detta fungerar, jag har postat en kommentar tidigare.

    Hoppas nu nu får uppehåll upp till Stockholm, själva anländer vi dit nu å söndag.



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